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Caine Soren

Caine Soren is a 15-year old boy from Coates Academy periodtttttttttttt. He first appears in Gone (chapter fourteen) and is considered the leader of the Coates kids. In Gone we also learn that Caine is Sam Temple's twin brother, but their mother had to give up one of them. She ended up giving up Caine. Caine is considered a "bad guy" who everybody fears and is scared to question.

In Hunger, Caine is back in Coates where starvation has taken over and he finds that he has been sick for three months after he encountered the Darkness. He has been cared for by Diana and has killed Chunk. Drake has made a robbery at Ralph's which made him "almost popular". As soon as he is better, he starts planning how to take control of Perdido Beach and he hears another voice in his head. That thing wants something to be done and Caine refuses to tell Diana what it wants.

Before the FAYZEdit

Caine had gone to Coates Academy his whole life, his parents thought it would be better for him there anyways. Though, the books also mention that once Caine was forced to smoke some Marijuana by a girl named Diana. Although there is a girl named Diana at Coates, it isn't the same one. Caine has a crush on the girl Diana at his school, but the other Diana he hates and is almost scared of.

Physical AppearanceEdit

When everyone first met Caine it is noted that he was wearing a bright yellow v-necked sweater instead of the blazer all of the other kids were wearing. "He was handsome, even Sam noticed that. But he looks very scary to the other people.


Diana Ladris- It has been noted several times that Caine has strong feelings of affection for Diana.In Plague, Diana conforms to him, thus resulting in pregnancy.

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